Our Technology

Advanced AR technology, in an intuitive package, at a fraction of the cost and time.

Robust 3D Technology By Google

Vertical uses Google Tango devices that offer the most robust augmented reality capabilities in the industry. The devices contain a special sensors that can sense the 3D structure of its surroundings, also known as “Depth Perception”. We use this to build a map of your gallery and over it with virtual content.

We Give You Hardware for Free

We help set up all hardware and software in your museum, including training IT and front desk staff. A starter set of tablets is included in our monthly subscription packages and additional tablets can be purchased if you need to scale up.

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Easy to setup. Intuitive for Visitors.

Visitors simply pick up the devices at the front desk and start the tour. There’s no need to install any apps or understand complex technology and even the most elderly visitors are able to quickly get used to the technology and get to what matters the most, your stories.

No Infrastructure Changes, No Beacons

Unlike traditional audio tours, Vertical AR tour require absolutely no infrastructure changes or beacons installed in your gallery. You do need Wifi to update content on the devices, but the devices do not need to be connected to Wifi persistently in the gallery. Tours may be accessed by visitors offline.

Detailed Visitor Analytics

The nature of 3D position tracking on the devices has an added advantage. We are able to collect detailed visitor traffic analytics in your gallery down to every placard. Our reports show you how much time visitors spend at each artifact and what content interests them the most.

It’s Easy to Get Started.

It’s incredible easy to get started or learn more about us. We’re available to chat with you anytime to answer your questions or help you get started with Vertical tours.