We Build AR Experiences for Physical Spaces.

We design and develop advanced augmented reality applications that transform how people connect with world around them. Our 3D mapping technology enables persistent AR experiences in any physical space.

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We’re experts in location-based augmented reality.

At Vertical, we’re pioneering technology for persistent, shared augmented reality experiences built for physical locations. Our technology has been used to build guided tours, scavenger hunts, multiplayer games and industrial apps for spaces across the world.

Our Products

Placenote SDK

Placenote is an iOS SDK that let’s you scan any physical space to create a persistent, shared canvas for your augmented reality content.

If you’re a developer building augmented reality experiences, talk to us about integrating Placenote SDK into your project.


Vertical AR Designer

Vertical AR Designer is an easy to use content management system to build immersive guided tours and experiences for indoor spaces. Currently supports Google Tango.

If you’re a museum, retailer, conference center or public space interested in AR experiences at your location, contact us to learn more about our services.

Our Capabilities

We specialize in mobile AR apps for persistent and location-based augmented reality.

ARKit, ARCore and Unity development.

3D mapping for realistic AR immersion.

Cloud based content management systems.

AR Guided tours.

Multiplayer AR games.

Enterprise AR apps.

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