We Build Worlds

We create magical experiences in your gallery at a fraction of the cost and time.

Digital Placards

Printed placards and booklets, while tried and tested, are a tiring way to experience stories in your gallery. Today’s visitors need better and more immersive storytelling to stay engaged. Vertical’s digital placards let you add virtual labels to any artifact, or section of an artifact and make it interactive. Visitors interact with labels to view text, image, video and audio content in a way that was never possible before.

Tour Guides

Audio tours don’t provide the direct engagement that the presence of real tour guide can create. They’re also too expensive and inaccurate for small exhibits. Mixed reality bridges that gap and lets you create virtual tour guides that physically guide visitors through your gallery.

Multilingual Content

The need for multi language support has never been greater than it is today. If a significant portion of your visitors are immigrants or international tourists, there’s a good chance your content isn’t speaking to them. At Vertical, we offer multilingual support including translation and audio creation services to help make your content more inclusive.

Immersive Experiences

The ultimate goal of your museum is to give visitors an experience they’ll remember and come back for. Whether that means standing beside life-size dinosaurs or walking on the moon, Vertical can help you create the most awesome immersive experiences to wow your visitors.

Quick to Build, Cheap to Deploy

Our content can be deployed to a gallery of any size as fast as 2 weeks. The most basic option, digital placards can be quickly setup at a very low cost and very fast. We can take any existing content (text, audio, video, images) and turn them into a self-guided tour. We charge nothing upfront and we also give you all the hardware and software you need to get up and running. You need no infrastructure changes to your facility to get started.

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Analytical Improvements

Unlike traditional content consulting services, we believe in agile development and continuous improvement. We help you iteratively improve your storytelling through high-resolution analytics on visitor behavior in your exhibit.

Built for the Astute Curator

Vertical’s service is built to fit the needs and budget of curators in galleries of any size.

No Infrastructure Changes.

Installing Vertical in your gallery needs absolutely no changes to your exhibit and can set up and updated in hours.

No Upfront Costs. Really.

We charge you no upfront costs and give you everything you need to get started. You only pay a monthly fee.

Change Content Instantly.

Changing virtual content is a lot faster and cheaper than re-printing and installing placards.

Accurate Visitor Analytics.

How long do people spend at each exhibit ? How much content do they read ? We can tell you.

Build Something Now.

Getting started is incredibly easy and costs nothing. Click to download our brochure or click “Get Started” to schedule an online demo with us.