Interactive self-guided tours for museums.

We develop self guided tours for visitors that go beyond basic audio tours or digital touch screens. Vertical technology turns your entire exhibit space into an interactive world, to give visitors a completely immersive, educational and entertaining experience they’ll keep coming back for.

Real-life gaming experiences built into your space.

Our technology can turn any physical space into an immersive game world that keeps people playing for hours. Our dynamic game content can be infinitely extended and updated to optimize your facility. Talk to us if you’re looking to amp up your visitor experience with AR.

Custom Content Creation

The unique advantage of Vertical technology is the ability to deploy high-end, geolocated augmented reality content within any physical space. Our team of 3D artists and engineers work closely to create highly immersive tailored A.R. worlds. If you’re interested in the bleeding edge of AR technology, we’d love to help you.

How To Get In Touch

To request a demo or speak to a customer success representative, email us at, call us at +1 (519) 616 1860 or use our contact form.