Our Process

Start to Finish in 2 Weeks and Zero Upfront Costs.

Step 1. Initial Exhibit Scan

Vertical’s field team create a digital 3D map of your galleries using one of the tablet devices.

Time: 3 hours

Step 2. Quick First Draft

Our design team works with your staff to create a quick initial version of the tour using existing placards, tour scripts and multimedia in your gallery.

Time: 2 weeks

Step 3. Hardware Setup and Training

Our field team visits your site to setup hardware, train your IT department, as well as your visitor experience team to manage the logistics at the reception desk.

Time: 1 day

Step 4.  Ongoing Improvements

Our unique advantage is that we work fast and iteratively. Our visitor analytics provide the insights you need to continually improve your storytelling content and put your best foot forward.

Time: Ongoing

Built for the Astute Curator

Vertical’s service is built to fit the needs and budget of curators in galleries of any size.

No infrastructure changes.

Installing Vertical in your gallery needs absolutely no changes to your exhibit and can set up and updated in hours.

No Upfront Costs. Really.

We charge you no upfront costs and give you everything you need to get started. You only pay a monthly fee.

Change content instantly.

Changing virtual content is a lot faster and cheaper than re-printing and installing placards.

Accurate Visitor Analytics.

How long do people spend at each exhibit ? How much content do they read ? We can tell you.

Get started now for zero upfront costs.