Frequently Asked Questions

And frequently answered answers.

How much do I pay for this service ?

We charge no upfront costs. Our fees are based on a flexible term monthly subscription with flat rates starting from $150/month to $480/month based on the amount of content and size of your gallery. To learn more about what’s included in our pricing packages, Download our Brochure.

How much work will it be for my staff?

Expect a commitment of 1 week for collaborative work with our team to set up the first draft of the tour. We work iteratively, so the first version of the tour can be set-up very quickly with very few resources.

Can we get more tablets?

Yes! Once you have tested the product with your visitors and want to scale up, you can purchase additional tablets at $499 each. These tablets are directly sold by Lenovo or Asus and can be purchased online.

How long will it take to setup?

Setup for the first version of the tour can be completed in as little as 2 weeks from start to finish. Since we work iteratively we can continue to update and improve the content as we test it with users.

Do I need to contact you every time I want to change content?

No. You will have access to an online editor that lets you modify your own content and update it automatically on all devices.

Who translates content to various languages?

We offer translation services for text and audio for up to 4 languages of your choice. We can translate most languages. Occasionally, we work collaboratively with the museum staff to add language support in both text and audio.