About Us

We create radically different and engaging guided tours for museums.

Our Mission: To build the future of visitor experience.

Museums today have a challenge

The old methods of storytelling in museums have become dated and are doing a poor job of attracting and retaining visitors, especially young people. Placards and booklets are tiring to read. Content is rarely updated and isn’t inclusive to visitors of diverse ages and languages. As the quality of experiences available at home gets better each day, it’s time to step up to the challenge.

Where the world is headed

In January 2017, Vertical designed the first augmented reality tour of an exhibit and set a new standard for immersive, interactive, intuitive and inclusive content at museums. Today, the standard for immersion and experiential learning in Museums is far greater than it’s ever been and at Vertical, we believe that technology, when done right, can bring back the magic we’re all waiting for.

Leadership Team

Neil Mathew

CEO & Founder

Prior to Vertical, Neil was a robotics engineer building algorithms to help drones land on moving vehicles. His dream for Vertical is to be Ben Stiller in 'Night at the Museum', and he actually used that reference in a sales pitch once.

Prasenjit Mukherjee

CTO & Founder

Prasenjit, as the CTO, wears many hats. In a nutshell, he makes sure that the products we're building should be built and can be built, given what we have. Before Vertical, he helped design autonomous rovers and appeared on a Discovery Channel segment trying to tow a Boeing 737 with a robot.

Yan Ma

Head of Research & Founder

As the Head of Research, Yan is the biggest nerd in the team. When he’s not reading research papers about visual perception or neural networks to his four year old, he’s solving some of our hardest technology challenges and developing our core vision software.

Brad Hoekstra

Software Architect

Brad joined Vertical in the early days of incorporation and instantly became the unofficial swiss army knife of the team because of his inhuman ability to learn and his speed of software development. Today Brad oversees all aspects of backend software architecture and product design.

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