Immersive Self-Guided Tours For Museums.

Interactive content, guided tours, content management and visitor analytics in your museum at a fraction of the cost and time

Storytelling Beyond Placards.

At Vertical, we’re building a fresh new medium for storytelling in your gallery. We create highly interactive, augmented reality worlds that turn your entire exhibit space into an immersive digital medium.

Create virtual placards, multilingual audio, tour guides and highly immersive experiences your visitors will love.

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Content is served on custom tablets handed to visitors at the front desk. We provide you with all hardware you need.

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Easy And Cheap To Implement.

The entire set up process takes approximately 2 weeks and no infrastructure changes need to be made to your gallery. Learn more about our process >

We give you all the hardware and software you need to get started with mixed reality tours.

The result is a simple pick-up-and-go system thats intuitive, even for the most elderly visitors.

One Interactive Medium to Rule Them All.

You’ve used placards, screens, interactive tablets, audio tours. A hundred different storytelling tools and yet, you’re falling short. Now you can replace all the disparate sources of content into one seamless interactive medium.


Immerse your visitors in incredible experiences they will keep coming back for.


Replace every placard and interactive screen in your exhibit with a single seamless interactive interface.


Mixed-reality is the most intuitive interface because it mimics objects in the real world.


Tailor content to visitors of different age groups as well as languages. We provide multilingual support for all content.

Trusted By Customers Nationwide.

We’re helping institutions rethink storytelling and experience design for the modern museum visitor.

Built for the Astute Curator.

Vertical’s service is built to fit the needs and budget of curators in galleries of any size.

No Infrastructure Changes.

Installing Vertical in your gallery needs no changes to your exhibit and can be set up and updated in a few hours.

No Upfront Costs. Really.

We charge you no upfront costs and give you everything you need to get started. You only pay a monthly fee.

Change Content Instantly.

Changing virtual content is a lot faster and cheaper than re-printing and installing placards.

Accurate Visitor Analytics.

How long do people spend at each exhibit ? How much content do they read ? We can tell you.

It’s Easy to Get Started.

Convinced ? Let’s get started! You can also download our brochure to learn more about us, or email us at So many options!