A Reality Bending Visitor Experience.

Interactive self-guided tours of your location.

People visit your facility all the time. Not all of them need a personal tour. Vertical’s virtual tour guide can help visitors get the most out of your location.

Engaging content that can turn your space into a movie.

Vertical augmented reality experiences aren’t just self-guided tours. We help your visitors explore the stories hidden in your hallways through a fun and engaging cinematic experience.

Interactive content designed to fit absolutely anywhere.

Vertical technology can turn any space, indoors or outdoors, from as big as an airport to as small as a studio apartment into an interactive game world ready to explore.

Who Uses Vertical?


Upgrade audio tours to a new story-telling medium.

Entertainment Centers

Give visitors an experience they’ll keep coming back for.

Real Estate

Stage properties with furniture that costs little and weighs nothing.


Wow attendees at conferences and boost your social presence.

Learn more about the next generation of visitor experience technology.

Special Projects

Interested in partnering with us on custom content or applications? Our team of experienced developers and artists can help you build a custom A.R. application for any device. Check out our “Services” page.